Ski Utah Cycling

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Ski Utah Cycling

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Welcome to Ski Utah Cycling Team / Utah Premier Cycling Club, the recreational and competitive cycling team sponsored by Ski Utah.

 All in all, we're a group of 100 road and mountain cycling enthusiasts. Most of us race—some more seriously, some less—but we count fitness riders, long-distance tourers and connoisseurs of classy uniforms among our ranks, too. Whether you are an aggressive competitor looking for teammates and support, a newcomer hoping to try racing for the first time, or a weekender in search of riding partners, the Ski Utah Cycling Team/Utah Premier Cycling Club atmosphere will enrich your cycling experience.


Team Races:


Team benefits include:

  • Weekly Team Rides
  • Discounts at Canyon Bicycles
  • Product discounts from sponsors
  • Race Registration discounts at team races
  • Team race support
  • Club parties and fun


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