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How do I get team clothing?

Table of contents
  1. 1. Quick Links
  2. 2. Sign Up - Join Ski Utah Cycling
  3. 3. Order Clothing
  4. 4. Join the Mailing List (Google Group)
  5. 5. Millcreek Bicycles Team Bulk Discount order.  

The answer to this question is the same as "How do I join Ski Utah Cycling?"  You do have to be a member to order team clothing but anyone can join.

Table of Contents:

  1. 1. Quick Links
  2. 2. Sign Up - Join Ski Utah Cycling
  3. 3. Order Clothing
  4. 4. Join the Mailing List (Google Group)
  5. 5. Millcreek Bicycles Team Bulk Discount order.  


Quick Links

  1. Join the team. (Sign up through Sports Base Online.  Search Sportsbase directly if they break our link again.)
  2. Order clothing.  (If you have doine this before then follow link.  Otherwise, see detailed instructions below.)
  3. Join the mailing list. (Sign up through Google Groups.)
  4. Contact Millcreek Bicycles about the team bulk order.


Sign Up - Join Ski Utah Cycling

Here's what the Sportsbase sign-up page looks like.  Click the image to go to sign-up page.


Order Clothing

The following information is all about the kit ordering. Here goes. 

Our Pactimo Team Store is now open, and will remain open until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.  All of our clothing is now in the new blue design.  We have both Ascent and Summit lines, as well as a number of accessories available, especially some of the winter gear for training and skiing. 
IMPORTANT:  The Ascent Women's shorts are a different design from last year, and fit women differently. We have a fit kit at Millcreek Bicycles available for women to try on shorts. Pactimo definitely recommends you try on to determine your correct size before you order.


Remember, the store closes at midnight on Sunday, November 29. We expect to receive this initial order between mid and late January of 2010. 

Here are the instructions for ordering via

1.  Go to the website:  and click on Custom Apparel and click on TEAM STORE 

2.  Enter your Team Store Password.  Team Store Password for your store is:  snow

3.  If you already have an account set up in this store, Login under Existing Member Login by entering your user name (your email address) and personal password. 

 4.  If you have an existing Pactimo account, but have never logged in as a member of the UTAH PREMIER CYCLING CLUB before, you will need to register as a team member before proceeding to the team store. Please register by clicking ‘the word’ here

 5.  If this is your first time as a Pactimo customer, please set up your account by clicking ‘the word’ here

 6.  Fill in the required information to create an account.  (You are creating your own personal account within the store, so enter a personal password as well) Please note that passwords must be at least 6 characters long and are case sensitive

 7.  Begin shopping Carefully selecting the items and appropriate sizes.  Please note that

All sales entered and paid for on Pactimo’s Online Team Store are final, and sizes and quantities CANNOT be changed once you have paid for your order.

 8.  Enter your credit card information to complete your purchase. 

Join the Mailing List (Google Group)

Most correspondence between team members is handled through the team mailing list.  Make sure you sign up here.

Millcreek Bicycles Team Bulk Discount order.  

Mike Hanseen has arranged a November team discount based on a bulk order.  In order to participate in this special order and receive your discounted merchandise through Millcreek, YOU MUST PLACE YOUR ORDER and PRE-PAY BY MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, END OF BUSINESS DAY. 
See the club e-mail or Mike at Millcreek Bicycles for the detail on what's available.

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